MediBot 100 Prototype AKA: Proto

Sentient Medical Robot; saving a life one day at a time, while seeking his own.


“Proto’s Quote here” — MediBot 100.

Primary Abilities

Fighting AM (50)
Agility IN (40)
Strength IN (40)
Endurance IN (40)
Reason EX (20)
Intuition GD (10)
Psyche AM (50)

Secondary Abilities

Health 170
Karma 80
Resources PR (4)
Popularity 1

Medi-Scanner – IN (40) – Originally designed to scan vital signs at a distance. It functions on the same principles as telepathy, monitoring brain waves combined with advanced filtering to produce usable signals. As a side effect of it’s design, it can function equally well as a transmitter. Instead of reading surface thoughts, like the telepathy power in the book, it provides a link to the targets vital signs, heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, 02 saturation etc. This information could be used to determine if a target is in critical condition, losing endurance levels or not. And also gives an indication of the state of physical activity the user is being subjected to – watching tv, running a marathon, combat, etc.

Duplicator Unit – IN (40) – Initially made to provide scalpels, bone saws, splints and other field tools needed for surgery this device is capable of so much more. It’s the core component to Medibot’s natural healing, fabricating repair parts on demand. Given the proper detailed information, this device is able to fabricate and power nearly any component. Including devices that mimic physical and technological powers.

Stasis Unit – AM (50) – Designed to freeze all biological activity by transformation into inert matter. Ideal for transporting unconscious or dying patients to the hospital where they can be re-annimated and immediately treated by professional care. Transformation can be set to take hold for a period of up to one hour.

Lightning Speed – AM (50) – Fast reaction times are required in medical emergencies and so Medibot 100 is equipped with the latest, most sophisticated processors that allows it to move and react within fractions of a second to nearly all scenarios.





MediBot 100 Prototype AKA: Proto

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