Classic Marvel Super Heroes RPG

Heroes Unveiled
The Day of the Silver Storm

It was a big day for the Hawthorne Financial Group.  Once it was strictly a financial management group on Wall Street, but, recently, it had started expanding into other avenues.  One such branch was the Hawthorne Group Technologies (HGT) which was specializing in the latest cutting edge advancements in the technology sector.  It had been two years in the making and today marked the first time their work was to be on display.  To the public, they were introducing a number of technological advancements that the every day consumer would wish to use, but their crowning glory was the Med-bot 100.  This was a robot programmed to assist is medical emergencies and services. After the public announcements, the HGT was scheduled to have a private meeting with higher up military personal to discuss more classified items such as weapons and battle armour.

That private meeting never took place.

During the unveiling of the Med-bot 100, an explosion that rocked the plaza at Rockefeller Centre occurred, shattering the windows of the first several floors of all the surrounding buildings.  Within moments, a strange cloud of silvery mist blanketed the surrounding area.  As civilians panicked and fled, the cloud of silver mist began to swirl without any evident prompting from the wind.  It whipped itself into a cyclonic mass which resulted in the discharging of bluish lightning bolts.

Shortly after, the silver storm dissipated leaving dead and injured people all around.  Hawthorne, Scruffy and the sentient (unknown to all but the robot itself) Med-bot 100 raced to the scene to help.  As they treated the injured, other super beings appeared, literally out of no where.  The first was a man resembling an octopus.  He transformed (seemingly unwillingly) right before the eyes of Proto (Med-bot's nickname) and began attacking everything in sight.

Moments later, a woman appeared, fully encased in metal banding, standing 10 stories up next to a cathedral's steeple.  She seemed intent on Hawthorne's destruction when she tossed a parked car with her own powers.

Two more super powered beings appeared moments later.  The first was a woman who transformed into a mongoose like humanoid creature.  Soon, she was attacking civilians with her razor sharp claws and fangs.  The other was a man with the ability to control light.  He flickered as though he was a hologram when Scruffy punched him.

During the battle, Proto was engaged with the Octaman, who was battering the robot with his tentacles.  Octaman seemed to be getting the upper hand until he grabbed one of Proto's limbs. Proto was able to activate his power and turned the half-man, half-octopus into 100% aluminum.

The light powered man was busy with Scruffy.  He managed to blind the armoured clad engineer, but this was not enough to stop him from being smashed through the walls of the nearby bible  collage.

On the other side of the battlefield, Hawthorne was in a dog fight with the metal clad warrior.  Trying to close the gap, Hawthorne plowed into her with his shoulder, which winded her, but also bruised Hawthorne's own shoulder in the attack.  The woman took to the air and, once again with her powers, twisted the metal steeple of the cathedral to wrap itself around Hawthorne's legs. Hawthorne was able to phase passed the entangling iron and down inside of the church. This prompted the woman to fly off and escape.

Down on the ground, the mongoose lady was terrorizing the civilians there, but she was made short work of once Proto and Scruffy arrived to her location.

After the battle, all manner of police, medical personnel and the press arrived at the scene. Everyone seemed to be thankful for the hero's intervention into the assault.  The heroes made sure the scene was secured before leaving.  Hawthorne told the chief of policy, Marcus Toliver, to contact them if anything else of importance comes up in their investigation that they might need assistance on, handing him a business card that simply read "Hawthorne" on it.  With that, the band of heroes retreated into the summer sun. 

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