Basil Hawthorne

From Financial Magnet to Defender of the Common Man.


“Feel the Winds of Justice!” — Basil Hawthorne’s battle cry.

Primary Abilities

Fighting RM (30)
Agility IN (40)
Strength RM (30)
Endurance IN (40)
Reason TY (6)
Intuition EX (20)
Psyche GD (10)

Secondary Abilities

Health 140
Karma 7
Resources RM (30)
Popularity 20

Air Control – IN (40) – Create shields of wind up to power rank damage that are effective against all physical missile attacks of that rank or lower.
Phasing – EX (20) – Can place air between his molecules which allows him to pass through solid objects of up to Excellent material strength.
Ensnaring Missile – IN (40) – Uses air currents to bind a target, limiting their movements.

Heir to a Fortune

Oswald Bastable, Chairman of Hawthorne Financial Group


In the decade before, Basil Hawthorne was one of the main money makers on Wall Street. Growing his company, Hawthorne Financial Group (HFG), into a major player in New York and the Eastern Seaboard, Basil was on top of the world. But in 1982, Hawthorne vanished and control of HFG was transferred to a board of directors.

In March of 1987, a bank robbery turned sour and the culprits of the deed were trapped inside. 28 hours of negotiations had gone no where. The tense standoff ended in a blink of an eye when a thick fog rolled in, obscuring everything. Next was the sound of gunshots and soon after, the fog lifted and the band of robbers were tied up in front of the doors to the bank. Their captor stood behind them and it was none other than Basil Hawthorne.

Hawthorne continued to make appearances at crime scenes all across New York City. He was mainly helping with small time hoods, but his impact was still noteworthy. He seemed to possess special powers. It was something that had been somewhat common place in the 1960’s but practially unheard of in the 70’s and all of the 80’s.

In an exclusive interview, Hawthorne told Francine Flowers of magazine The New Yorker, on how he had died from cancer, but was somehow returned to life and given remarkable powers.

Although still a member of the board of directors for HFG, the founder has mostly relinquished control of the business to Oswald Bastable, who is the chairman of HFG. The two men go back over 20 years, and it was Oswald who went to great lengths trying to find a cure for his ailing friend.

Hawthorne lives in his exclusive apartment complex on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Other than Oswald, his only other most trusted confidant is his personal assistant and butler, Roustam Raza, a freed Mameluke slave from Armenia.


Basil Hawthorne

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